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Interview with Mangazeya Mining CEO Sergey Yanchukov
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March 12, 2020 - 12:00 pm

Investment in gold

Anastasia Bogdanova | March 11, 2020 | Views: 94 | Source: vnedra.ru


The Nasedkino deposit in Transbaikalia was included in the list of investment objects of the Government of the Russian Federation in the Far East.

The infrastructure subsidy will allow the Mangazeya group of companies to reinvest part of the funds invested in the creation of electric networks in the field. Already in 2020, one of the group’s most ambitious plans is being implemented - the launch of gold mining on the basis of Nasedkino. The founder and owner of the Mangazeya Group of Companies Sergey Yanchukov spoke about the prospects and role of the project for the region and the company.

Sergey Yanchukov ,
founder and owner of Mangazeya

- Sergey, what does it mean for GK Mangazeya to receive government support?

- For us, this is primarily responsibility, but at the same time it is recognition that we are doing important work for the development of the region. The Mangazeya Gold division received 763 million rubles. for reconstruction of the network infrastructure at the Nasedkino field. This is the first targeted subsidy project in the region after the inclusion of the Trans-Baikal Territory in the Far Eastern Federal District.

Own large-scale investments in transport, network, housing infrastructure in the region seriously affect the overall economy of the enterprise - for medium-sized businesses these costs are tangible. To qualify for these funds, we went through a serious selection. Therefore, the support of the government is extremely important and honorable for us. The project for the development of the Nasedkino gold ore deposit is included in the territory of the advanced development "Transbaikalia", created in August 2019.

- What exactly is the subsidy allocated to?

- The funds according to the plan should reimburse us for the reconstruction of the main step-down substation “Verkhnyaya Davenda” 110/6 kV, the construction of a 110 kV power transmission line Davenda-Nasedkino 54 km long and the construction of the 110/6 kV “Nasedkino” substation. This means that we will now be able to reinvest part of the funds invested in the project and accelerate the pace of the field’s launch.

- Nasedkino should earn in 2020. What stage are the jobs at?

- We proceeded to the final stage of the construction of the Nasedkino gold mining plant; a planned test launch of electricity at the deposit has already been completed. The shift camp of our key field is also provided with electricity.

As for the technological part of production, much has also been done here: equipment from leading world manufacturers has been installed at Mining Plant Nasedkino, construction was carried out using modern materials and technologies. We have completed about 80% of construction and installation works, now the construction of the hydraulic system is underway, the construction of a tailing dump is nearing completion. A reservoir, a large crushing complex, a crushed ore warehouse have been built, the construction phase of the reagent warehouse and the main building, in which the main technological equipment is mounted, is suitable.

- When do you plan to start testing equipment?

- In April, we plan to start cold starts, that is, to test the already installed process equipment, and in June we will start hot starts. According to our plans, in the second half of 2020 we will be able to get the first gold bars. We set ourselves the task of bringing the enterprise to design indicators as soon as possible, and here government support will play a significant role.

- Nasedkino is not only mining, but also an enrichment factory. What will she be like?

- It will be a factory built according to the latest technologies that are in the gold mining industry. We plan to install equipment from reputable manufacturers: CITIC, FLSmidth, Sepro. At the same time, the gold recovery factory will be as automated as possible: we will be able to manage all production online through a smartphone. This approach will provide us with high performance. The ore beneficiation cycle at the factory will include crushing, grinding, gravity and direct cyanidation. The processed ore will be stored in the constructed tailing dump.

- In addition to the construction of new electricity networks, were there any other infrastructure difficulties that you had to overcome?

- Of course, an important task before the start was to ensure transport accessibility. And it was decided before the start of the phase of active construction work. Without roads, we simply could not start construction. By 2017, the construction of the highway with an 80-ton bridge that runs across the Uryum River has been completed.

The highway connected the villages of Davenda, Sour Key and Chaldonka, then it leads to Nasedkino. The road between Kisly Klyuch and Nasedkino - 40 km - was also built in 2017. In the next, 22 km of the Davenda-Kisly Klyuch road were repaired in the direction of the federal highway.

- Nature in Transbaikalia is severe in winter, and summer is characterized by high temperatures. Will this become an obstacle to the operation of the field and the factory?

- The climate in Transbaikalia is sharp, but we took its influence into account when designing the field and the mining and processing complex: when in winter the temperature reaches -40 ºC, and in the summer it can be higher than +30 ºС, you have to think in advance about how the drainage channels will behave in such weather and quarry water reservoir. For the smooth operation of the field in the winter, we built a reservoir that provides a four-month supply of water. In winter, large sub-zero temperatures, and the flow of water into the reservoir is impossible - the stream freezes. Moreover, in the summer we accumulate water for use in the winter. Our engineers thought everything through.

I also note that we take care of the nature of the region when carrying out construction work and think about the impact on the environment. The company is designed in accordance with all the standards and GOSTs that exist today in the Russian Federation, from an environmental point of view. We completely exclude the discharge of contaminated water beyond the tailing dump, in which all tailings are placed. Observation wells are provided for monitoring groundwater in the downstream tailings of the tailings pond.

Emergency settling ponds will also work to minimize all risks of tailings entering the open environment.

“You said you purchased the best equipment.” Is there a problem with providing the field with personnel? Who will work on sophisticated equipment and will there be enough qualifications for employees?

- The majority of the enterprise’s employees today are residents of the Trans-Baikal Territory. They will work on a rotational basis at the field, since it is quite far from settlements, and a residential village has been built for them. We concluded a social partnership agreement both with the district administration and with the administration of the Trans-Baikal Territory, so the implementation of our project will be a contribution to the development of the economy and infrastructure of the Mogochinsky district.

Frankly, to grow qualified employees is always a difficult task. Any business owner knows this. We have developed our own plan for the selection and training of personnel, we will cooperate with universities: the Trans-Baikal State University and the Mining College named after M. I. Agoshkov. This is not a quick job, but I hope that we can grow more than a dozen experienced employees for the mining industry.

- Is Nasedkino for GK Mangazeya a long time?

- The field development project is designed for 8–10 years. To date, reserves according to international standards are estimated at about 20 tons of metal (gold), but the enterprise does not stop there. Exploration of the flanks of this field is underway, so the increase in reserves will definitely be. A total of 13.6 billion rubles will be invested in the Nasedkino field project. Each year, the Mangazeya Group of Companies will process 1 million tons of ore at the new deposit and extract up to 3 tons of gold. I can say that for our group this is one of the most ambitious projects.

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