Ìn my humble opinion, COMPLETE BULLCRAP

I trust the independent industry expert Fortis hired to perform the Lamaque technical DD analysis far more than I trust the Finskiy associated Micon person.


The successful Fortis technical DD process was extremely detailed and took many months to perform the DD during 2008.  The person that performed the analysis was/is extremely respected by both Fortis and the mining community in general, and was 100% independent (it was very clear, unlike the current Micon person).


I reviewed the report in detail – many times over.


For the current management of Century Mining to erase most of this DD validation work (in addition to the original technical work) is unreal and truly pathetic and completely uncalled for, in my opinion.


The Fortis technical DD person looked at the data at very detailed level (the process even included underground site visits and review of the Vulcan resource system and formulas).  He even corrected some formulas.  His conclusion was that the 5.5 million Lamaque ounces was valid.  He gave a positive technical resource recommendation to Fortis.

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