NI 43-101 Caper

I do not think the purpose of today’s release was to try and beat down share price.  All of this is because of the hard work our CSC is doing. The exchange asked for the updated report because of the influence the CSC was having on regulators.  I doubt this would ever have been necessary if no fuss was kicked up about the outdated NI 43-101 from 2009. The circulars would be out and the special vote would have already occurred.  


I think this type of event that happened today was expected…as per the CSC and Hoch & Vos releases…which tried to preempt these shenanigans…


I would suggest looking at what was raised in the following press release:…..511832.htm

to what was released today.  I haven’t done it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if today’s release ‘counters’ the points made by the CSC in one way or another. The CSC release is based on real data, not pretend. That is one big magic wand that Micon waived to make all those ACTUAL ounces disappear.  But don’t worry, they’ll pull those ounces right back out of the magic hat by year end!  

Ever see that street trick where there is a ball under three cups?   Bravo…well done CMM and WTG!  Jeez, I don’t even think WTG read today’s update – Geoff just said “Danny-boy we’re still ALL IN”.  Why?  Because WTG knows exactly where that GOLDEN ball is.  


EDIT – Thanks BigJohn37 – don't forget about the questioned independence of the Micon geologist…someone did ask this question at the call……..520675.htm


Will the TSX buy it?  

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